Farewell WheresAbbie!



Hello everyone thank you so much for supporting my blog for the past 2 years (15,000 hits is crazy!)

However I have decided to end my Where’s Abbie adventures and have started a You Tube channel.

I have loved doing my blog and sharing my adventures with all of you but I feel  it is now time for a change.

My YouTube channel is called  RandomlyAbbie, I also have and Instagram account called randomly_abbie please check them out subscribe and follow.




Thank you for all your support

Abbie xx



2 thoughts on “Farewell WheresAbbie!

  1. Loved all your adventures and all the places you reviewed, looking forward to seeing new ones on your new site xx Nanny&Grandad


  2. GoodLuck Abbie on your new venture , I have enjoyed your views and info on your travels, some brought back memories and others made me smile.
    Marina xx


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