Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Whilst we were in Blackpool we visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We were really excited to visit  because it well known for its thrill rides and I love rollercoasters. and Nickelodeon Land, Maisy loves Nickelodeon!


When we arrived there was a massive queue to get wristbands, it took about half and hour!

The Rides 

Big One (also known as Pepsi Max) has a height is 65m, has drops of 62m, track length is 1675m and speeds of 74mph. This ride is by far the most scariest ride in the park, this ride is defiantly not for  people that are scared of heights ( which it why Mum didn’t go on it ! ) I really like this ride however it was very jolty which I didn’t enjoy.

The Grand National is a ride in which there are two roller coasters race each other. This ride is very fun and exciting, be warned you get bashed about a lot but its worth it!

Avalanche is one of the best rides I have ever been on ! It is based on a toboggan, just when you think your going to fall the track you somehow stay on the ride.I It’s fast’ furious and fun, Mum said this was her favourite ride she’d been on, ever!

Infusion is very much like Nemesis at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. The theme of Infusion is water, there is a part on the ride where the water flows up and it creates the illusion that the track has vanished. This is quite terrifying !

Revolution is a roller coaster that only had one single loop, sounds quite simple but there’s a twist, once the the ride completes the loop it then goes backwards! The scariest part of the ride is the anticipation before you go backwards, it’s really scary!

Steeplechase is a ride in which you race each other on horses (they’re not real, don’t worry!) The annoying thing is you have no control of the horse meaning its all down to luck of who wins, or is it? Hannah and I worked out the horse on the yellow track was winning every time so we decided we would go on that one, and we won !

There are lots of other rides a Blackpool Pleasure Beach such as Valhalla. This was a ride we were going to go on but the queue was so big we decided not to.

Nickelodeon Land 

This is the perfect place for Maisy as Sponge Bob was everywhere and she is a huge fan. Most of the rides are aimed at young children but we did go on one, Nickelodeon Streak. The queue took a while as there was only one cart going round. We weren’t expecting much as the ride was in Nickelodeon Land, we were very wrong … Its fast, bumpy and had some pretty steep drops! When the ride finished we were speechless, we all really enjoyed it!


Should you visit?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach really has something for everyone.Thrill ride’s have lower height restrictions than the usual 1.40m.  Blackpool doesn’t have the best reputation but we found that the Pleasure Beach was spotlessly clean and all of the staff were very friendly and chatty. Although it was a very busy day the queues are no where near as long as other theme parks.

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