Blackpool Tower


During the summer holidays we visited Blackpool. Unfortunately the day we arrived it was pouring with rain so it did not show Blackpool in the best light. Determined to make the most of things we set about exploring Blackpool.

Without a doubt Blackpool’s most famous landmark is a must visit and despite the weather we decided to venture up the tower!

When we arrived we collected our tickets (we were fortunate that many of the Blackpool attractions are part of the Merlin Group so we were able to use our Merlin Passes)

It was explained to us that due to the high winds and heavy rain the outside part of the tower was closed. After a short wait we went through to a 4D film showing a family holidaying in Blackpool.The special effects really  made you feel like you were flying around the tower. My favourite part was when we were sprayed with foam ,it was like it was snowing!

Finally we were ready to go up the tower.  To get up to the viewing deck, we went in a glass lift  which felt like we were in the lift from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! At the top of the tower we couldn’t really see much as unfortunately for us the weather was miserable.  However there was a glass panel walkway like at Tower Bridge in London, it’s very fun to sit on the glass and the way the Blackpool tower is curved is felt like we were falling. we did mange to see the Big One (a roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach) it seemed pretty high !

Should you visit?

Blackpool Tower is a must if your’e in Blackpool, however if the weather is bad be warned you can’t see much in the rain but the 4D film that is really good.

Where’s Abbie Rating






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