London Zoo



While in London we visited ZSL London Zoo.  Knowing that London Zoo was a huge zoo we were very excited about seeing all the different animals. The zoo is in Regents Park which meant we had a beautiful walk to get to the entrance.It was also one of the hottest days of the year which would make spotting animals hiding in the shade very difficult.

When we arrived there was a massive queue to buy tickets but luckily we had booked our tickets online so we didn’t have to queue. First we went to the penguins which are my absolute favourite animal. Went we got there we saw a zookeeper feeding the penguins and giving a talk about them ,this meant it was very busy. We did mange to see the penguins swimming about, playing  and fighting over the fish.


Next were the tigers, they had a massive enclosure. We walked the whole way round the enclosure, up the ramps and onto the viewing platform but we still couldn’t see them. It wasn’t until another zookeeper came to do a talk and they were fed that we finally saw them, they were tucked away in the corner. The female tiger was hidden away it was really hard to see her but we did she a little baby tiger she was protecting.

We then went to the gorillas and the reptile house, I was very brave going into the reptile house as I have a massive fear of snakes!

The gorillas also have a massive enclosure with a massive outdoors part. There were also lots of other monkey enclosures but we could see no monkeys ; we found them all hiding inside and the gorillas too. Gorillas are really funny to watch ,one was sleeping in a hammock, one was eating banana and the others were all playing around.

The lions were a disappointment as the zoo advertise male lions but we didn’t see any and could just see females lying in the shade. It is very hard to spot the animals as they have fantastic enclosures that are great for then but it make its very difficult for the public to see any animals.

We saw giraffes, zebras, sloths and more but there were lots of animals that we didn’t see as the enclosures were so vast and full of enrichment that it was difficult to spot them.

Should you visit?

London Zoo has some amazing animals but the fact that we went on a boiling hot day and because of the fantastic enclosures means spotting the animals is very difficult. If I was an animal in a zoo its the zoo I would want to be in, but as a a visitor you struggle to see much. It is also very expensive a family of four costs around £75 but there are offers and discounts available if you book in advance.

Where’s Abbie Rating


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