Tower Bridge London

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During the Summer we visited London , One of the places we visited was Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge is an iconic British landmark and the appearance is very royal, it is  possibly one of my favourite buildings in London. I never knew that you could actually go up into the towers.

There was a short queue but the views across the Thames were spectacular so we didn’t mind. Once we had paid we had to decide whether to  walk up a lot of steps or take the lift, we decided that the lift was probably best!

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Once out of the lift we entered the first tower, there was a short film to watch which showed how Tower Bridge was built, it was really interesting to see how they built it and what London was like back then.

We then went on to the first horizontal walk way .From the small windows we had excellent views across London. We were lucky that we had chosen a clear day and we could see for miles.Half way along the first walkway is a glass floor.The glass floor measures 11 metres long and 1.8 metres wide and is 42 metres high it is said to be able to hold the weight of 2 elephants and a London taxi!

As we first we stood on the glass ,it felt like we were walking through the air. Then we laid on the glass and it was like we were flying over London! I found it quite relaxing sitting on the glass but my Mum is scared of heights so sitting on the glass made her feel a bit dizzy!

Then we reached the second tower and here was another another video showing an animated version of Tower Bridge being built in stages. We went on to the next walkway and this walkway featured an exhibition of the great bridges in the world there were many different iconic bridges.We then reached the second glass walkway,  this one had a mirrored ceiling which as you looked up made you feel very strange – it also was good for taking selfies!

We then took the steps to get down, as we went down the steps there were different London landmark models and they looked really pretty. Once we were down we had a short walk across the bridge and we then went into the engine room, the machines looked really cool but it was hard to tell what they were for but they looked important!

Should you visit?

Tower Bridge is a great experience and the glass walkways are fantastic. A family of four cost was around £20 so it is definitely worth a visit.

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