Indoor Skydiving!!!!


Using vouchers we got for Christmas we were able to go indoor skydiving at Airkix in Milton Keynes.

Before we could start we had to watch a safety video and learn lots of hand signals, our instructor would use them to make sure we were in a good flight position and could understand what we needed to do. We had to make sure we paid attention to everything our instructor was telling us as we wouldn’t be able to hear him in the wind tunnel.

We then put on our equipment we each got suits , googles ,  earplugs, and helmets. Maisy and I choose helmets with teddies just so we could really top off our look!  Finally we were ready to fly!

Before my first go I was quite nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect. The instructor called me forward , I took a deep breath and jumped…  In less than a second I was swept off my feet with the air blasting me in the face, the instructor was signaling for me to straighten my legs but it was very hard to concentrate when screaming and laughing at the same time! It sounds silly but I wasn’t expecting the wind to be so strong.When I finally got the hang of it my go was over and I left the wind tunnel with a massive adrenaline rush.


On our next go our instructor asked us if we wanted to do that high fly,  this is where the instructor takes you up to the top of the wind tunnel and spins you around until you glide down. However the high fly cost an extra £6 each which was a bit annoying but we asked our parents and they said we could do it. It was amazing spinning around the  wind tunnel and gradually floating up. I wasn’t able to look down as it would ruin my flight position but afterwards I looked up and it seemed pretty high!


After everyone had had two turns the instructor said we had some time left over for anyone who wanted an extra turn but this would cost another £12 each, Masiy and I really wanted to do this and our parents said we could as we should make the most of the experience. This extra go turned out to be the best one of the three as we got to learn some tricks such as controlling how to go up and down and how to spin in circles. We also got to do a mini high fly and we did a lot of flying with out the help of the instructor.


At the end of our flight we were given certificates that said what we had achieved and how well, this was so if we came back the instructor would know what level we were so we could learn new tricks.  We left Milton Keynes believing we could fly!

Should you visit ?

Indoor skydiving is a great experience and you should definitely go if you have the chance. The extra turn and high fly are amazing , flying is not cheap but, it is well worth it, so I thank Father Christmas for this opportunity!

Where’s Abbie Rating

11/10 !!!

IMG_3736 (2)




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