New York Round Up


We did so many amazing things in New York that it would be impossible to blog about all of them! So below are some of the highlights.

The Beast

The Beast is a speed boat that takes you along the Hudson river and around the Statue of Liberty. In my opinion the Beast gives you the best views of the Statue and the staff on board will take photos for you. Beware you get really wet as you speed up the river going at 45mph , luckily for us it was such a hot day that we dried off very quickly. On the journey back the driver did lots of spins and tricks it was excellent!

Ellen’s Stardust diner

Ellen’s Stardust diner is a classic 1950’s american restaurant in Times Square. What makes Ellen’s so different is that it’s so much more than a restaurant, the waiters and staff are all budding Broadway stars many have been productions and some are waiting for their big break. The atmosphere is really great and the staff sing show tunes as you eat. It makes you want to dance and sing with them and you almost forget to eat which is a shame as the food is lovely!

The Ride

The Ride is a bus tour that goes around Time Square and the surrounding area. The Ride is unlike any other bus tour. First you sit facing outwards looking at the pavement and your tour guides get the whole bus involved in singing dancing etc. The guides also get people on the pavement involved although most don’t realise whats going on!  Our guide was really funny we were there during Fleet week (when the navy is in town) and every time we passed some sailors in their uniform she went crazy! The other amazing thing about the ride is that the guide will point out someone on the street ; first it was a Ups delivery man and then suddenly they burst in to song and a hip hop dance routine or a ballet or a comedy routine and you realise they are part of the performance!

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds in New York was not so different from London although some of the people we didn’t know who they were as they were American stars and it wasn’t as busy as London. There were some models that we hadn’t seen before so we manged to get some good photos, but some of them really didn’t look like who they were meant to be!


There were many other amazing places that we went whilst in New York such as Grand Central Station, The Water Taxi, Open Top Bus tour, The 9/11 museum any many many more. We wouldn’t have been able to do many of the things with out our New York Passes these we bought before we went and it gave us free entry to all the places we visited.




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