Central Park


When in New York visiting Central Park is a must, at first our plan was to hire bikes and cycle around but on the way we were stopped by men selling rickshaw tours. They said that because Central Park is very hilly and so big we would only last  about 10 minutes before giving up! We were able to haggle a good price so decided to give it a go and set off on our rickshaw tour.

The rickshaw tour was great, we got to see many famous buildings and spots such as the bridge from Enchanted,  the friends fountain, Mr Popper’s Penguins cafe and Smurf rock.Many of these things we wouldn’t have noticed or got to without a guide,He also stopped at the best places to take pictures.


Our guide pointed out to us where all the celebrities live and how much their apartments cost it was unbelievable how much they were. Whist in central park its easy to forget that you are in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world!

Parts of the park are open to traffic and our guide loved making us scream by weaving in and out of the cars! Our guide told us many interesting things and was very funny! One of the best things about having a guide was that he showed us things we would never have found or realised they were there. We saw fascinating architecture and statues we even saw a couple having wedding photos taken.


Should you visit?

You can visit central park either on foot, bike ride horse & carriage etc. By hiring a rickshaw we got to see so much more than we ever would on our own we were lucky to have such a funny and friendly guide who really made our trip.


Where’s Abbie rating






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