The New York Skyline


While we were in New York we took a helicopter trip along the Hudson river. Having never been in a helicopter before I didn’t know what to expect, mum was worried because she is scared of heights! When we arrived at the heliport we had to tell them how much we weigh I became rather concerned as I was sure the weight my mum said she was was more like the weight she would like to be rather than the weight she really is!

We walked along the pier to our helicopter and there were lots of helicopters waiting and taking off it was very noisy and windy I thought we might be blown over the edge into the water!  We were told where we had to sit I was lucky and got to sit in the front. We had to wear headphones because of the noise and the pilot could talk to us through the headphones.

As we took off the helicopter tips forward this felt really weird, Our pilot introduced himself and started to tell us about the things we could see. I was surprised by how noisy it was but it was also really smooth and although we were flying high it wasn’t scary even mum enjoyed it!

We headed towards the Statue of Liberty first and as we flew around it we had fantastic views .

As we flew up the river we could see in detail the Manhattan skyline we could see many of the places we had visited. They looked so different form the sky you could see how the skyscrapers dwarfed the other buildings.

My favourite part of the trip was the way it felt when the helicopter twisted and turned in the sky. It was amazing to see all the landmarks from new heights!


As we came back to the pier we saw a NYPD helicopter land. We seemed to glide and land really softly which I wasn’t expecting.


Should you visit?

If you are visiting New York and get the chance then a helicopter ride is a must, it’s a great way to see all the sights and is an incredible experience.

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