New York New York


If you read my last post you will have noticed I recently visited New York (lots of posts to write but haven’t had any time!)

We flew to New York with Delta airlines although the flight was 7 hours it didn’t seem that long we had lots of films to watch and we were constantly being given food and drinks so the time seemed to go quite quickly. When we arrived at JFK we were picked up by a limo which was a lovely surprise and we were driven to the house we were staying in on Staten Island.


New York is a huge city full of amazing landmarks and busy with crowds of people. We had a lot to cram into 5 days but we manged to see most of the city by using one of the City Open Top Bus Tours. As well as seeing all the sights we were told lots of information about the buildings like where celebrities live and famous sights from films.




Statue of Liberty

Because we stayed on Staten Island we past the Statue of Liberty every day., however we got a much better view when we went on the beast, the water taxi and the helicopter (in fact we probably saw the Statue of Liberty from every possible angle !)


Grand Central Station

“It’s grand and it’s central”- quoted from Madagascar. I love Madagascar so it was great to see the clock that Melmen got stuck on his head !



Times Square 

Times Square is probably one of the busiest places in New York but it is probably one of my favourite places as I loved all the big billboards and massive shops, also when we were in Times Square I had a caricature portrait sketched.


Stereotypes of New York 

Everything in New York is just as you would expect like big graffiti , yellow taxis, hot dog stands, dunkin donuts ( we ate a lot of dunkin donuts! And every dunkin donuts we went in they were policemen eating donuts !)



Should You Visit?

If you are ever in New York sight seeing is a must! Be prepared to walk miles as in 5 days we walked 53 miles!

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