Aladdin on Broadway!

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While visiting New York we were lucky enough to get tickets to see Aladdin (opening in London June 2016) Having always enjoyed the film I was looking forward to watching the musical.

Our seats were near the top of the theatre we had a good view and as we were high up we could also see how the effects such as the genie appearing were done. This only added to our excitement.

The story keeps very close to the original film with the addition of a few new songs and characters. The stage comes alive with the hustle and bustle of the market place the costumes were bright and colourful and really stood out. The singing and dancing was amazing. American audiences are very different to British ones there is much more clapping and cheering , it makes it really fun and lively.

It was then time for the genie to appear ( played by James Monroe Iglehart) in the film the genie is such a strong character that I was wondering how this would be brought to the stage. Straight away the genie was so full of energy  and stage presence that he immediately connected with the audience receiving lots of cheers in the process!

As the story continued we were wondering how the magic carpet was going to be done. After lots of thought we still have no clue how it worked,there were no stings to be seen! They really were they flying through the sky on the magic carpet!


All  of the effects were truly amazing from the way the genie appeared, to the cave rising from the sand, to the market, to the palace the music and the costumes.It was everything you would expect from a Broadway show. The audience being so enthusiastic really added to the magic.


Should you visit?

If you are visiting New York a Broadway show is definitely something you should do and Aladdin doesn’t disappoint. If you are in London tickets for the same production of Aladdin are now on sale.

Where’s Abbie rating

10/10   (Broadway show)  (London show)















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