Oasis Camel Safari


Recently we visited Oasis Camel Park near Halesworth. Oasis Camel Park is a family run farm that specializes in looking after camels.


When we arrived at the centre we we given some food to feed the goats, horses, sheep, donkeys,  and lamas. At first I was a bit scared of the animals eating from my hands but I soon got used to it (although it was a bit slimy!)


Before we went on our camel safari we were able to see all the baby rabbits and guinea pigs. I absolutely loved this they were so cute and fluffy; It’s a shame this part wasn’t open all day because I just wanted to keep going back!


We were then ready to go on the lama trek. I didn’t know what to expect and  I was a little bit scared of the lama’s at first. We were given 3 lama’s to walk around the park on our own and it was really relaxing to walk around with them. They were really friendly and gentle one of them liked looking into the camera to have its photo taken! They were very greedy and stopped to eat everything!

When we had finished the Lama trek it was time for our camel safari. The first thing you notice is how big the camels are, they are huge. We had to climb on a platform to get onto our camel it was rather uncomfortable and bumpy but really good. The people leading us on the camel told us lots of information about them so we learnt a lot. The camels looked a bit shaggy and scruffy because they  are loosing their winter coats. The staff were lovely and really friendly and helpful they made the safari fun . We walked for about half an hour which doesn’t  sound long but by the time we had finished I was feeling it in my legs!


After the safari we had lunch which was provided. It was a hot sunny day so we sat outside, Again the staff were very helpful and friendly. After lunch we had a look around the park and fed more of the animals.

Should you visit?

We were lucky with the weather it was a very hot day so the perfect weather for a camel safari. The Oasis park is a fantastic place to visit and has something for the whole family. It is such a great experience ride a camel, Oasis Camel Park is well worth a visit.

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