Harry Potter Studio Tour


My sister Maisy is a huge Harry Potter fan and recently she visited The Harry Potter studio tour, this is her blog.

As soon as you arrive in the car park the first thing you notice is how big the studios are they are huge! I couldn’t wait to get inside.

As we waited in the queue we passed Harry Potters room under the stairs.We then went into a large room where we watched a short film about Harry Potter. We were then led into the Great Hall.

The Great Hall is amazing and as soon as I walked in it felt as if I was in one of the movies! The attention to detail is extraordinary . At the end of the hall there were models of the teachers from Hogwarts. They were wearing the actual costumes from the films even the shoes; there were scuffs on Professor Snape’s shoes.

From the hall we walked around the other sets and saw many props and costumes. I liked the wigs as most of the characters had to wear wigs even Harry! To be up close to the props and sets was like I was in the film the sets were so big, my favourite was Dumbledore’s office.

A new addition to the tour is the Hogwarts Express.They have re-created platform 9 3/4 and you can climb aboard the Hogwarts Express each carriage is set up as a scene from one of the films.

Half way around the tour it was time to try Butter Beer! Butter Beer was disgusting!!! Mum liked the creamy topping but neither of us liked the ‘beer’.


Outside on the Lot we came across the Knight Bus, Privet Drive and other exhibits we then went into the 2nd stage of the tour where there were more props and sets. We were able to walk along Diagon Alley, this set is huge and you see many more details that you miss on-screen.

Finally the tour ends at Hogwarts Castle as you enter the room it is truly breathtaking to see every detail from all angles as you walk around the edge of the castle.


Should you visit?

Even if you are not a Harry Potter fan you will be fascinated by the scale and detail of the sets on the tour. If you are a fan you will discover things you never knew or had seen before. Entry slots are timed so there are no big crowds as you go around so booking is advisable.


Where’s Maisy Rating

10/10 !!!




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