Shrek Adventure


Recently we visited the new Shrek’s Adventure on London’s Embankment.This has been heavily advertised and is part of the Merlin group so we were able to use our Merlin passes.Luckily we booked in advance because if you just turn up on the day of you will have to queue for ages as it is very busy.  Even though we booked and had been given a time slot we still end up queuing for about an hour. We soon found out why we were queuing because they restrict each tour to 40 people. This makes it feel less crowed as you go on the tour.

Once we were in our group, the tour was explained by one of the crew members. The staff are great at keeping in character and making the wait an enjoyably one. Cameras are not allowed on the main tour so we were unable to take any photos

The first part of the tour is a 4D bus ride setting the scene of the story that follows through the whole tour. This was by far my favorite part as the 4D was amazing and really feels as if your’e flying through the air being chased by the witches.

When we arrived in Far Far Away we were greeted by Cinderella who was down on her luck  and looking for a new husband. She explained that because we had run over one of the witches in the bus, Rumplestiltskin was after us. Cinderella said that if we found Shrek he may be able to help. To find him we would have  to solve puzzles and clues along the way.

As we traveled through the tour we met lots of characters along the way. My favorite character was the fortune teller as he was very funny. He was amazing at changing accents from Turkish to Cockney. He showed us where Shrek was through his magical crystal ball and showed us where we needed to go to continue our journey.

Along the way we were faced with a mirror maze. Our group go very lost as we all kept following each other in big circles. After what seemed like hours we eventually found our way. Going through the mirror maze probably took longer than most groups as it really did seem like there was no way out!


Once you finish the tour you get to meet other DreamWorks characters such as the characters from Madagascar, How to train your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. Here your are allowed to take photos spend as long as you want looking around the models.

Should you visit?

Shrek Adventures is a great family attraction for all ages. Even if you haven’t watched the films you still can sill have a wonderful time.

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