Great Yarmouth Dogs


On Wednesday we went to Great Yarmouth Stadium to watch the dog racing. Dad owns some greyhounds but none of his were racing so we could relax and watch the other dogs.

We had reserved seats in the race view restaurant so we had a 3 course meal while watching the racing. The food was lovely I had garlic prawns, burger and chips and then a chocolate orange cheesecake.

Dad had given us money to bet with, and a Tote man comes around to the table before each race but as I’m under 18 I was not allowed to hand the money to the Tote man or tell him my bet mum and dad had to do this. To start with I was betting £1 on a dog to win. In the race program it tells you lots about the dogs; how many times they’ve raced their grade age and weight where they came in each race, their name and lots of other things. I was carefully studying this but Maisy and mum were just choosing dogs with nice names!

We were not having much luck at first then dad taught me how to put on different bets which could result in winning more. We put on forecast bets and reverse forecast bets (you choose 2 dogs to come 1st and 2nd in any order) and trio bets ( you pick dogs to come 1st 2nd 3rd in any order) this resulted on my first of many wins!

It was lots of fun choosing the dogs and watching the races.In the restaurant there are lots of screens to watch the action on and the betting odds are displayed and updated for each race. You can also go outside and watch the dogs from the track side.

For the last six races you can place a ‘pick six’ bet where you pick the winning dog for the last 6 races, the jackpot was for this was over £3000 we all put a bet on and Maisy’s dog won the first race so we were very excited it didn’t last long as she then lost the second race!  On the last race there is a ‘hit or bust’ bet where you pick the full order of the last race. This jackpot was £146 and none of us did very well on this race! By the end of the night Maisy and mum had lost money but dad and I had won more than we had lost. It was a very good evening. At the end of the evening there was a tombola to raise money to re-home greyhounds , Maisy won an Easter egg.


Should you visit?

An evening at the dogs is a great night out, it helps having someone who understands all the betting and odds. Its also a good idea to only have a set amount of money you are going to bet with so you don’t get carried away.

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