Last week we went for a meal at Cosmo in Norwich. Cosmo opened last year and is an ‘all you can eat’ buffet style restaurant with food from around the world. Since opening its been very busy and you have to book in advance to get a table.

When we arrived we had a short wait before going up the escalator to the main restaurant. It was very busy and lively in the restaurant we were shown to our seats and then the waiter explained how the restaurant worked. First we were given a glass and told to help our selves to the soft drinks and refill as many times a we like.


We then went to get our food there were lots of different stations with food from around the world. I started with sushi and salad. there was lots to choose from almost too much choice! The food was delicious and I got to try lots of different foods some such as squid which I wasn’t very keen on !

My favourite food was the pizza ! The restaurant was full of people but there were lots of staff to keep on top of things plates were quickly cleared and there was never any empty food stations.

There were lots of desserts on offer and they were small enough so that you could choose lots of different ones there was even a chocolate fountain and Maisy decided to just get a bowl of chocolate and a straw !!

Cosmo really is ‘all you can eat’ so you do end up stuffing yourself and eating far more than you normally would! but it is a good opportunity to try lots of different things. During busy periods Cosmo operates a timed seating arrangement meaning you are given 1hr 45 minute period to eat we found this was more than enough time and left before our time was up.


Should you visit?

Cosmo is good vaule for money however children over 1m 50cm are charged full adult price. There are lots of different foods to choose from and something to suit all tastes.


Where’s Abbie Rating





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