Santa Paws



This week we decided to get our dog Harry into the Christmas spirit by taking him to see Santa Paws at FAITH animal shelter in Hickling.


When we arrived we were greeted by the staff who told us what we could do and where we could take Harry (he was allowed everywhere except from the cat house!)

First we visited the stables Harry loved the horses and enjoyed smelling them and rubbig noses with them. He liked it so much he kept dragging us back to visit them again and again.

Then we looked at the nativity scene complete with real donkeys Harry decided to ignore the fence and try to crawl through to meet the donkeys!


The sheep were next Harry wasn’t very interested in the sheep, But Maisy and I enjoyed petting them which made Harry a bit jealous.

We then took a look at all the dogs that need re-homing. It was sad to see how many there were but they were all adorable. The staff told us about each of the dogs and the sort of homes they would need.


Having had a look around it was finally time for Harry to visit Santa Paws.  He had his own little grotto and as we walked in there was a small dog dressed as an elf. In corner sat Santa Paws! Harry sat on his lap and we told him what Harry wanted for Christmas , Harry enjoyed sitting with Santa Paws but wasn’t very keen on the elf! Harry was allowed to choose his own present from basket which he opened quickly and got a chew toy and ball he was very happy!

After mince pies and drinks we went outside and danced in the snow! (a bubble machine) Harry kept eating the snow! We then went to the shop and got some carrots to put in the horses stockings and we got Harry some special doggy crackers!

Should you visit?

FAITH animal shelter relies on donations from the public so taking your dog to see Santa Paws can help them raise valuable funds. The staff are very friendly and Harry loved getting up close with the animals.

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One thought on “Santa Paws

  1. Well I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like that before!! It looks like everyone had a good time, I would have found it hard not to want another dog though the one I have is enough trouble! Great way to raise much needed funds and give the animals a taste of the festive spirit!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs this past year x


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