Hakuna Matata


This week I went to London with my school drama group to watch the Lion King stage show at the Lyceum theatre. The Lion King has been delighting audiences for 16 years.

We traveled by coach to London and were very excited about seeing the show , because we are going to be performing our own version of the Lion King next year. After what seemed like forever we finally reached the theatre. The theatre was busy with people all excitedly milling around, we bought a program and then made our way to our seats.

Despite having been built in 1834 the Lyceum has a new feel to it. The interior has been styled with an African theme.

The show began with The Circle of Life which was my favourite number because it is the first sight we had of the spectacular costumes. The animals are puppets attached to people which you loose sight of and they quickly just become animals dancing around pride rock.

The show is true to the film and takes us through Simba’s adventures. The songs are performed brilliantly by the cast and you can feel the music pounding in your chest. It was hard to imagine how they would recreate the stampede but this is done fantastically with lots of dancing wilder beasts and moving screens to create the full impact of a stampede.

My favourite characters were Timon and Pumbaa they were very funny and taught Simba the true meaning of Hakuna Matata, their costumes were very detailed and just like the characters in the film.

Should you visit ?

The Lion King is a fantastic show to go and see. Even if you haven’t seen  the film or didn’t like it because the costumes and singing make it an amazing show.

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