Bouncing high at High Altitude!


This week we visited High Altitude in Norwich. High Altitude is a new trampoline park with ‘wall to wall trampolines all connected together to form one huge bounce area with angled trampolines forming the sides, you can literally bounce off the walls.’

We were excited about going and couldn’t wait to try everything out.

We booked our tickets on-line we paid £7.95 for an hour session and £2 to hire some special socks which have to be worn. Just before the session starts there is a safety briefing; a video tells you all the things that can go wrong and how to avoid them!! The staff explain the rules and what will happen if you break them!


There are trampolines on the walls which you can bounce on, it takes a bit of getting used to and to try and land (mum found it very hard to land on two feet!!) but once you get the hang of it you can start adding tricks and flicks as you bounce against the wall ninja style!!

As well as the trampolines there is a giant air bag. This is where you can practise your somersaults and tricks with help from the staff if you need it. There are two long trampolines to bounce along before jumping into the big air bag which almost swallows you up as you land – its amazing and gives you confidence to have a go at new moves before then attempting them on the main trampolines.

Although this time we didn’t play, there is an area to play dodgeball whilst bouncing across the trampolines.

It was quite busy when we went however there was more than enough trampolines and space, for this not to be a problem. The music playing was really good giving you a beat to bounce to. The staff were very friendly and helpful and encouraged you to try new moves, but were also firm with anyone breaking the rules. So overall High Altitude  has a very safe and fun atmosphere.


Should you visit?

High Altitude is suitable for all ages and abilities its really good fun and great exercise. Its a great place to go with friends and good value for money. There is also a cafe selling snacks and drinks . After an hour of bouncing you will defiantly deserve a slush puppy!!

Check on-line to see what is happening in each session.

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