A Wicked time in the West End !


At the end of the summer holidays me and mum went to the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London to see the musical Wicked. I really enjoy musicals and have seen Shrek, Oliver, Joseph, Mamma Mia and the Lion King.

Its was pouring with rain when we arrived at the theatre but luckily the theatre is very close to the tube station, so we didn’t get too wet. The theatre was packed with people, we bought a souvenir program and hired a booster cushion in case I had someone tall sitting in front of me. The Apollo theatre is a beautiful art deco style building and has been transformed into a wicked world filled with emerald-green lights and railings on the stairs. We spent time in the foyer before finding our seats.

As we walked into the theatre the stage was lit up with a map showing the land of Oz, At the top of the stage was a golden dragon gazing down into the audience. There was so much to see on the stage we sat full of anticipation waiting for the show to start. I didn’t know anything about the story of Wicked only knowing the story of the Wizard of Oz. In our Year 6 play I played the Wicked Witch of the West so I was eager to discover what had made the character so wicked!

Finally the live orchestra started to play I could feel the music vibrating in my chest it gave me a tingly feeling down my spine and the cast appeared on the stage. Glinda floated down from above the stage surrounded by bubbles. There was so much going on I didn’t know where to look the story flowed easily through the songs. The costumes were spectacular so detailed and over the top. Before the interval Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) learns what her powers can do and floats up into the sky singing the song Defying Gravity , which was my favourite song.

The second half was more familiar to the Wizard of Oz introducing the Tin man Scarecrow and Lion characters. The ending was not what I was expecting as it went right through the Wizard of Oz story and beyond without giving the ending away it will change the way you watch the Wizard of Oz and I much prefer the Wicked story and the way it changes the way you will think about the Wicked Witch.

My favourite character was Elphaba played by Emma Hatton her singing was amazing I have never heard anyone sing that well and powerful live before. Glinda was funny and not what I expected to be like without giving the story away good isn’t always what it seems!

Should you visit? 

A trip to the theatre in the west end can be expensive but we were lucky enough to get our tickets as part of the kids go free in August scheme; ‘Kids Week is all about encouraging young people to get involved in theatre. A child aged 16 or under can go free to any participating show when accompanied by an adult paying full price. Parents can also purchase up to two extra children’s tickets at half price.’This scheme runs every summer.

Wicked is easily the best musical I have ever seen the music, the songs, the costumes and  above all the story will blow you away. After all are we born Wicked or are we made to be that way?

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