Cromer Pier Show


Cromer Pier show is the only ‘End of the Pier’ summer season show left in Europe and has been a brilliant must see for generations. This year we where keen to see the show because our piano and violin teacher Rachel King was performing in the show as a multi – Instrumentalist.

The show starts off with a big dance number, being a small theatre you feel really close to the performers. There is a small company of dancers 2 comedians 2 singers and Rachel playing instruments. The singing and dancing were brilliant the dancers seemed really passionate about what they were doing. Each person was introduced and we gave a huge cheer when Rachel came on stage!

There were lots of different styles of dancing from flamenco to uptown funk the costumes were covered in sparkles and dazzled in the spotlights. The comedians were very funny and silly there were some ruder bits for the grown ups and custard pies for the younger audience members the comedians worked well together and even did some magic and escape tricks.

There was lots of singing and big show numbers some of which I didn’t know but they were very good, The singer Jane Watkins has a powerful voice which captures the whole audience. The songs from Mary Poppins were full of energy the whole cast came together to give an amazing performance.

Our teacher Rachel King had been playing alongside the cast for the first half of the show but during the second half she had her own slot playing a range of instruments my favourite were flute, saxophone and violin. It was brilliant to see her play on stage playing a wide range of songs rather than the scales she plays in our lessons ! She wore beautiful dresses that floated behind her as she moved and played. The audience was captivated by her playing bursting into applause as she finished.

Should you visit?

The Cromer show runs until 19th September and is well worth visiting. Jane Watkins and the dancers are fantastic and the comedy of Paul Eastwood and Ben Langley will have you crying with laughter whatever your age. The Star of the show is Multi- Instrumentalist Rachel King who will blow you away with her passion for music.

Where’s Abbie rating




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