Turkish Delight Part 2


Whilst sunbathing on the beach we watched a lot of people parasailing and thought it looked like fun, so we decided to give it a go. Mum was a bit scared because she is scared of heights but we said we would look after her!

First of all the boat crew had to ‘guess’ how much we weighed so that we could have the right harness this was a bit worrying as we didn’t speak Turkish and they didn’t speak much English so we crossed our fingers and hoped that the harness would work.

The speedboat took us right out to sea and we then had to climb on to the back of the speedboat this was tricky as the sea was rough, we sat down and were fixed to the big pole, There was lots of talking and instructions but we had no idea what they were saying. We sat back and then took off , the rope unwound and we floated up into the sky.

Flying through the air was a bit scary at first as it felt like there was nothing to hold on to but Maisy was waving and really enjoying it and that made me relax, The sea looked really clear and blue as we looked down mum joked that we might see a shark – but luckily we didn’t.  Mum wasn’t too scared by how high we were but she couldn’t turn around to look into the parachute but I thought it looked really cool billowing in the air behind us.

We seemed to be in the air for ages and we could see for miles in the distance, the hotels looked tiny and there seemed to be hundreds of them. We flew along the coast and then we floated over the beach getting lower and lower. People on the beach waved and shouted hello to us , it felt like we were famous! All too soon we were being lowered down nearer the boat and then splash we landed right in the water, it was like dipping into a warm bath. Dad and the people in the boat were laughing, we were then lifted back up and landed gently onto the boat.


As we went back to the beach it felt amazing, we couldn’t believe we had done it we were laughing and chatting and full of excitement. We climbed out of the boat and thanked the crew for a wonderful adventure.

Should you visit?

You can have a go at parasailing on many beaches and it is definitely something you should have a go at. The views will be spectacular and  it makes you feel amazing.

Where’s Abbie rating 



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