Turkish Delights part 1


This summer we visited Belek in Turkey it was our second visit to Turkey and we were really excited to be going to a different part of Turkey this time.

We stayed at the Limak Arcadia Golf Resort which was a fabulous 5 * hotel only 25 minutes from the airport. As we got off the plane the heat hit you like opening an oven door ,it was a relief to get into our air conditioned room. The staff were friendly and helpful and were keen to practise their English and teach us a few Turkish words.


Being a Muslim country they do not serve pork in Turkey which my sister found difficult as its one of the only meats she eats! but it gave her the opportunity to try new things! We had a variety of food in the hotel . There were many fish dishes which were my favourite, being all inclusive we got to eat as much as we liked and tried all the foods! We ate out on excursions and this too was lovely.

Markets and shopping

Turkey is famous for it markets and ‘haggling’ where you and the seller agree a price this was fun but a little scary. The markets were so busy and hot I got sick in one of the markets because it was so hot and  I was sick all over a market stall but the seller was so kind to me and we bought lots from him to make up for it!  The markets sell everything from ‘genuine fake’ goods to spices and textiles there is something for everybody.


We went on an excursion to Side which has lots of Roman ruins we looked around the old town.Side was a major port city during the Roman Empire. As a result, there are a number of ruins remaining from the Roman empire. These are located in and around the old town section of Side.The most famous ruins in Side are the amphitheatre and the temple of Apollo and we visited both it was a boiling hot day and the staff at the amphitheatre hosed us down with water we were drenched but cool!

Pools and Beaches

Being so hot we spent most of our time in the water we had lilos in the pool to relax and float around on there were lots of slide to go on these were great fun. The sea was a bit rough, but fun it was as warm as a bath and we hired a pedalo and had and went right out to sea!. Our hotel had its own private section of beach and one day we hired our own beach hut with a butler! it was lovely and cool in there and we were served food and drink all day it was very luxurious!

Should you visit?

Turkey is a beautiful country, with friendly people and amazing things to do if you get the chance you should defiantly visit.

Where’s Abbie rating




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