End of Year 6 Bowling


On the last day of school the year 6 parents paid for all of year 6 to go ten pin bowling as an end of year treat.

When we arrived we rushed to our lanes, we were lucky because we didn’t have to wear bowling shoes! Our teachers had split us into groups so we all knew where we were going.

Izzy went first and scored a strike on her first go! I only knocked two pins down – but I was just warming up!

As the game went on lots of strikes were scored but not by me!! I nearly got some strikes but never quite managed it. We all cheered each other on and there was a really good atmosphere. To make the game even more exciting there was a special red pin in the center that appeared randomly if you got a strike when it appeared you won a scratch card which could win you a trip to Hollywood. When the special pin appeared on my go I completely missed and my ball ended up in the gutter – I guess I’m not off to Hollywood!

At the end of the game Felix had won by only 1 point.

After the game we had some food, I had a burger and chips, the food was really nice and we all sat chatting about high school and shared memories of our time at primary school. It was a bit sad to think that this would be the last time we would all be together as some people are moving on to different high schools. I think that’s what made it so special and everyone got along and had a brilliant night

While we waited for our parents to pick us up we played on some video games.

Should you visit?

Ten pin bowling is good fun to do with a group of friends and a fantastic way to end our time at primary school.

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