Terrific Tubing


Yesterday we went Tubing for a friend’s birthday party at the Norwich Ski Center. Tubing is great fun you sit in a big rubber ring and slide down the slope!

It was a really hot day and yet for safety reasons we had to wear long sleeve clothes jeans and gloves, we were all roasting!

First we got our helmets on and then had a quick safety briefing from the instructors it really is quite simple – climb to the top and slide down!

We started with a gentle hill to get us used to it, as I sat in the tube at the top I felt a little scared even though I had been tubing before. The instructor pushed me and I was flying down the hill a lovely cool breeze blowing in my face until I crashed with a thud into the mats at the bottom!

The second hill had a small drop at the start and it felt very,very scary because as you drop you spin and end up going down the hill backwards. The second time the instructor spun the tube as we started and we spun all the way to the bottom.

We then had a further climb higher up the slope and this meant we went much quicker we also got to go down in groups or partners. My favourite way of getting down was when Maisy and I went in a backwards train.

We got to go down lots and lots of times and then the instructors gathered us at the top for one final run, this time we all sat in a long line in our tubes and then the instructors pulled us into a big circle and then they pushed us and we all went down together , this was a great way to end the session!

Thank you Hannah for inviting us to your fantastic birthday party!

Should you visit?

Tubing is a really cool experience, its suitable for ages 6 upwards you need to be fairly fit as it does wear you out! It’s perfect for birthday parties as it is so much fun!

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