Year 6 Go to the Norfolk show


Yesterday year 6 visited the Norfolk show. Today’s blog is guest written by Isabella, Felix, Isabel, William , Josh and Rhianna.

We left the school just after 9 am and the traffic was so busy it took nearly an hour to get there.

As we walked into the showground we were greeted by ‘MLG Grannies’ riding on shopping trolley’s. We were surprised to see them rocking out to the latest tunes. Suddenly we looked up and saw the RAF parachute group flying through the air. The sun was so bright that it was hard to see them but trails of smoke made patterns in the sky of red white and blue. We watched them land we were shocked because it wasn’t a very graceful landing they seemed to tumble to the floor.

By Rhianna

From there we went to the pig trail – but it was closed because it was too hot for the pigs! We saw a black pig that we named Barrad unfortunately he came last in the pig competition. We then went to the food hall we got to taste lots of different foods, we tasted bread and oils – the garlic oil was disgusting. We tasted hand cooked crisps there were lots of different flavours; sausage and mustard , mixed veg and chilli I liked the salt and vinegar the best . We got lots of free samples. We also got to taste some chilli sauces at first we tried the extra hot sauce it felt like my throat was burning! We ate our way around the food hall tasting sausages, popcorn and other foods . Abbie doesn’t like tomato and one of the farmers got her to eat a tomato – she didn’t like it! By William IMG_0690

There were lots of things to try and do around the show. I went in a wind simulator and had to grab golden tickets to win a prize and be entered into a competition to win a 50” plasma TV. It was easy and I grabbed the golden ticket straight away. I also got a goody bag which was raising money for the air ambulance.

By Josh

In the City College area we got a pack which gave us a trail to follow there were lots of activities. We liked racing on the bikes , it was a simulation and we had to race each other – I beat everybody! We then went on the climbing wall which was fairly high but we all managed to get to the top. By Felix

Later in the afternoon we moved onto the fairground. It was quite scary looking at how big some of the rides were. First we went on Air Raid it spun us around and then it tipped us from side to side and upside down. It was the first big ride I’ve ever been on and I had to close my eyes. I thought I was going to fall out I wasn’t expecting it to be so fast – it was epic! By Isabella

Then we went on Tango it was so amazing it was a bit like a pirate ship but it was much bigger and the view from the top was worth opening your eyes for. At first Felix and I were the only ones brave enough to go on it but then Abbie and William came on it too. By Isabel

Should you visit? The Norfolk show is only on for 2 days every year. There is something for everyone from farming to funfairs. It is quite expensive however so you need to take lots of money with you.

Where’s Abbie rating

Abbie 8/10

Isabel 8.5/10

Felix 8.5/10

Josh 9.5/10

William 8/10

Rhianna 8/10

Isabella 9/10 IMG_0717


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