All you can eat!


To celebrate SATS finishing we went to Norwich to have a meal and watch a movie with our friends. We went to the chinese buffet restaurant, which is an all you can eat restaurant.

The restaurant is large you help yourself to the food from the buffet you can have as much or as little as you like. The staff are very friendly and the restaurant is very clean.

There are two buffets one where the food is ready for you and one Teppanyak where you select raw food and it is cooked very quickly in front of you.

I tried lots of different food some of it was lovely and some I didn’t like very much. My favourites were prawn toast, spring rolls and noodles.

Dessert is really fun because you make your own ice creams  and add toppings such as marshmallow and sweets. There were lots of little cakes and fruit too.

Should you visit?

If you like chinese food The Riverbank is a lovely restaurant. Its perfect before a trip to the cinema as the service is very quick.

Where’s Abbie rating



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