On Sunday we went to Hollywood Cinema to watch Cinderella.

The film is a retelling of the Disney cartoon and  sticks to the original version of the Disney tale , but it is updated by using actors instead of cartoons and excites with modern-day special effects to make the magic adventure come to life.

There are lots of different characters played by many famous actors. First is the star of the story Ella,(played by a Downton Abbey actress Lily James) The fairy godmother gives her a beautiful royal blue gown to wear to the ball.It floated behind her as she walked and sparkled with tiny jewels that caught the light as she twirled on the dance floor.

She is given the  name  ‘Cinderella’ by her step sisters who force her to sleep in the cinders by the fireplace. The step sisters (one played by another Downton Abbey actress Sophie McShera) and the step mother (played by Cate Blanchette)  treat Cinderella like a slave and are truly rotten to her. Cinderella remembers the last words of her mother before she died who told her to ‘Always be kind and have courage’ This helps Cinderella cope with the way her step family behave towards her.

My favourite character  was the Fairy Godmother (played by Helena Bonham Carter ,who plays Bellatrix in Harry Potter) because she is very funny and makes strange objets turn into carriages,horses and footmen.It was a shame that she was only in the film for a short  time.

The handsome prince was indeed handsome ( but mum said  he was nowhere near as nice as Four from Divergent!). Unlike most Disney films this handsome prince isn’t an idiot, instead he falls in love with Cinderella’s courage and kindness.

Overall this is a very good re-telling of the traditional tale with bucketfuls of Disney charm.

Should you visit ?

Cinderella is a lovely film but it doesnt have much to keep boys interested.

Where’s Abbie rating



4 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Great film. And you are right in so many ways
    1. Best character was the fairy godmother
    2. Four is sooooo much fitter than the prince
    3. Defo not a film for boys

    As ever Abbie another awesome blog xx


  2. Sounds like a ooh film, don’t think I will go to the cinema to watch it, but will watch it when it’s out on DVD


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