Spring Seals at Horsey Gap


Yesterday we visited Horsey Gap to visit the seal colony. Around half of the world’s population of grey seals are found around Britain and Norfolk is home to several different seal coloneys. We had visited Horsey during the winter to see the baby seal pups but had never been any other time so we didn’t know what to expect.

It was a lovely warm spring day and the beach is sheltered by large sand dunes which is one of the reasons the seals have made Horsey their home.

As we walked along the beach we spotted several seals swimming in the sea diving for fish and playing in the waves.  They seemed to somersault in the water and didn’t seem bothered by us standing on the water’s edge. It was exciting to be so close as in the winter you have to watch the seals from the distance in the sand dunes.

Horsey beach is a lovely sandy beach and it was very quiet when we visited we enjoyed playing in the sand while the seals played in the sea.

As we continued walking along the beach we could see what looked like large rocks on the beach in the distance.  We approached and could see it was in fact a group of large seals relaxing in the sunshine. We were able to get very close and we could even smell them – which wasnt pleasant they smelt a bit like wet dog and horse poo!

They would growl at each other when they got to close and again did not seem bothered by people standing by them.( There are notices on the beach advising people not to get too close as they can bite and never stand between the water and the seals so that they can not ‘get away’.)

To be standing so close to such large mammals felt amazing; we felt incredibly lucky to be able to see  so closely how each one had a slightly different pattern and listen to them snoozing in the sunshine. My favourite had a grey leopard print pattern and had what seemed to be a smile on his face.

At  first I was a little worried about being so close to the seals as they were much bigger than I expected but watching them I realised they were not bothered by us as long as we did nothing to frighten them.

Should you visit?

Horsey Gap is well worth a visit to be able to get so close to such animals is amazing and you can experience these wonderful mammals in their own habitat. Apart from the car park (£1 per hour) it costs nothing to visit.

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