Spring Walk


This afternoon the sun was shining and we took our dog Harry for a walk. We started in Acle and headed over the footpath to Fishley. It was lovely and warm and we met many dog walkers and ramblers, we passed Fishley church and carried on over the footpath towards Upton.

Next to Fishley church there is a massive pile of manure and Maisy calles it ‘pooland’ it smells really bad! Luckily the wind was blowing in the opposite direction so we didn’t have to smell it for long.

Harry kept racing over the fields and decided to walk through every muddy puddle he could find.

Once in Upton we headed towards the woods and the river . There were big trees for us to climb and it was lots of fun.

Once through the woods we came across some cows in a field, that didn’t even seem to notice us pass even Harry wasnt bothered by them I think he was getting tired. There were two stiles we had to climb over and then we were out into open fields by the river.  There were lots of boats on the broads – I was hoping one would give us a lift! We had to cross the busy road and walk through the Acle Bridge pub gardens and then we were back onto another footpath, this footpath took us back into Acle and we were able to walk back home.

It was really peaceful on our walk and we saw lots of birds and butterflies it felt like we were miles away from anywhere! We walked 5 miles, which was 10588 steps we did it in 1 hour and  39 minutes and it burned off 400 calories!


Should you visit?

The walks around Acle are lovely and peaceful and cost nothing (apart from lots of energy!) there are lots of signs telling you where to go and lots of things to see, its a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Walk

  1. Your walk sounds and looked really good, I especially liked all the info, steps walked and calories burnt!!
    We took our dog Joop to Buckinham woods this morning, everything was really green and it felt like the woods were waking up after sleeping all winter…. Roll on summer!!!


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