Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb


This morning we went to the Hollywood Cinema Kids Club to watch Night at the Museum 3. The Kids club shows older movies for £1.49 so it’s really good value for money.

This is the final film in the Night at the Museum series. The film begins in Egypt in 1938 showing archeologists discovering an ancient tomb and finding the tablet which is then kept at the New York Museum. The tablet brings all the museum characters to life at night, but the tablet is dying and the characters have to go to the British Museum to find out how to save it.

Lots of the characters form the first two films are in this film. It seems quite sad because its the last film Robin  Williams made and when he says goodbye to Larry at the end it seems very emotional. There are new characters they find in the British Museum my favourite was Rebel Wilsons character the female Night Guard she was very funny and is also in one of my favourite films Pitch Perfect. I didnt really like the Sir Lancelot character as he was really cocky but he was a central part of the plot – the part where he gets in a fight with Huge Jackman is very funny!

The plot builds and everything turns out ok in the end!

Should you visit?

If you have seen the first two films then number 3 is a must it is very funny and has lots of action in it.

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