Wet and windy Chessington


On Sunday and Monday we went to Chessington World of Adventures. Unfortunately on Sunday it rained all day and was blowing a gale but despite this we were determined to have a good time despite Chessington trying to do everything they could to stop us!

When we arrived on the Sunday a notice alerted us to the fact that Vampire (by far the best ride) was closed. So we headed to the next best ride Dragons Fury this however was having technical faults and kept getting stuck!

We went to find rides that were working and went on Cobra a spinning ride where you half sit half stand and spin through the air! This was a fun ride but my cousin Adam felt really sick!.

After going on a few more rides we checked to see if Dragons Fury was working – it wasnt, so we went to the Sealife Centre so that we would be in the warm. The Sealife Centre was much bigger than I had expected and no different to any other SeaLife Centre , but their Penguin enclosure was huge and the penguins seemed really happy! From there we went to the zoo. There were Gorillas Lions and Tigers. The Gorillas had babies and they were really cute they had lots to do and had ropes and tyres to swing on . The Silverback kept pounding his chest and looked very grumpy – maybe he was fed up with the rain too!

We spent the night at the Premier Inn Chessington and were relieved to be in a dry warm room. After a good nights sleep and a huge fried breakfast we went back to Chessington and the sun was shining.

But although the sun was shining luck was not on our side, a sign said Vampire was still not working but as we went round the park we found that Cobra, Dragon’s Fury , Dragon Falls , Tomb Blaster were all not working (But this was only temporary and eventually they all worked at some point throughout the day)

The queues were not too bad and we managed to get on lots of rides we had lots of goes on Dragons Fury but it did get stuck once when we were on it luckily it wasnt on a high part and we were near the end of the ride!.

Should you visit?

Chessington is an excellent theme park we were just unlucky with the weather and ride malfunctions! Because it rained for more than 1hour  Adam is able to get a free entry on another day as he had booked his ticket in advance.

Where’s Abbie rating

5/10 (because of the weather and all the ride problems)



2 thoughts on “Wet and windy Chessington

  1. Well you certainly made the most of your trip despite the weather!!!!
    Happy Easter x
    Ps some really good photos..


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