Thorpe Park Preview Weekend


On Sunday I went to the Thorpe Park Preview weekend for Merlin Passholders, with Mum Shelly and Lucy. I had never been before because we were waiting until I was over 1m40cm so that I could go on all the rides. I had never been on a ‘loop d loop’ rollercoaster before so I was really excited. As it was a preview weekend not all the rides were open but I was still very excited.

We left our house at 7.15 am and arrived just before 10am . I didn’t realise it was on an island and our sat nav looked like it was sending us into a big lagoon! When we arrived there were lots of people waiting and we were given a map and we decided which rides we wanted to head to first. As the gates opened we rushed to our first ride…


Nemesis Inferno is an inverted rollercoaster which means the seats hang under the track and your legs dangle (which is my favourite way of sitting on a rollercoaster!) It is 115ft tall, has G.Force of 4.2 . It goes at 49mph and goes upside down 4 times. I loved this, at first it shoots you into a dark tunnel filled with smoke and fire you then get startled by the sunlight as you climb up the first hill. It then flips you over so your legs are high above your head and you go over the first loop. Luckily this ride had only a 10 minute queue so we went on it twice in a row.

Surprisingly the park wasnt that full and the longest queue was only around 30minutes so we got on plenty of rides.                    7729512_origColossus was Mums favourite ride it is 30m tall has 10 loops in total including; 2 corkscrews 1 vertical loop 5 heartline rolls and a cobra roll. On this ride you sit on top of the track there were lots of signs telling you to remove earrings and brace yourself! we didn’t know why but soon found out! As we sat in our seats with the restraints tightly on I began to feel nervous there was a big slow climb and then it rushed us into loop after loop after loop .My head rocked from side to side bashing the side of the car, I guess I hadn’t braced myself! It was fantastic.


At first I wasnt sure I was going to go on Stealth. It is 205ft tall it goes from 0-80mph in under 2 seconds.

Mum said she definitely wasnt going on it and I watched Shelly and Lucy and then they persuaded me to go on it . As the ride started it felt like I had been kicked in the back and we shot up into the air. As we reached the top, the track seemed to disappear as we went over the top. All too suddenly we had reached the end . Shelly had to tell me to breathe I had held my breath the entire time and couldn’t even scream. It was brilliant !


The swarm looks amazing an inverted rollercoaster where you sit in rows and can even sit backwards! It is 124ft high , it goes 59mph has a G.Force of 4.5 and goes upside down 5 times it is made from 100tonnes of steel. The ride is set amongst devastation with crashed vehicles all around . It was very exciting the first time I went on we went forwards then I felt brave enough to go backwards. Going backwards is brilliant you have no idea where you are going only where you’ve been !

Because it wasnt that busy we go to go on lots of rides and had an amazing day.

My favourite rides

1st The Swarm

2nd Colossus

3rd Nemesis Inferno

4th Stealth

Should you visit?

Thorpe Park is amazing but only if you are 1m 40cm or taller as there are not many rides for smaller people. It would also be a good idea to pick a quiet time to go so you don’t have to queue.

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5 thoughts on “Thorpe Park Preview Weekend

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Thorpe Park – it’s my favourite theme park! I also saw your post on Chessington which I also LOVE! They’re both spectacular! Hey, I recently went to Thorpe Park and there’s a post on my blog about it if you would like to check it out!



  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time, your experience( and bravery) is the nearest I’d get to going on one of those rides!!!!!! Great descriptions of how it felt to go so high and fast……


  3. Well you are so much braver than me Abbie, there is no amount of money in the world that would get me to go on any of those rides, I struggle with the ghost train at Yarmouth haha. It looks and sounds like you had a great time. Xxx


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