Center Parcs

centre parcs logoOn Saturday we joined our friends Shelly ,Lucy, Hannah, Shannon,Tara and Becky as their guests at Center Parcs Elveden. It was our first time visiting Center Parcs and we didn’t know what to expect. It only took us just under an hour to get there and we arrived ready for a big adventure.

We had a long walk from the car park to Shelly’s lodge but it gave us the chance to look around. It seemed like there were thousands of lodges and they seemed to be quite close together. Along the way we saw squirrels scrambling up trees and birds flying overhead.

Their lodge was right by the lake with a lovely view across the water. The lodge was not what I expected it seemed quite small with one main living area but it would be the perfect base for a weekend.

We walked to the water’s edge and fed the ducks we were chased by a gaggle of geese who chased us back to the safety of the lodge they seemed to hiss as we ran! Squirrels arrived on the patio and waited for us to feed them nuts.


It was time to hire some bikes Center Parcs is so vast you need a bike to get around we were able to hire our bikes easily from the hundreds they have available. Cars are not allowed on site so it felt perfectly safe cycling around.

First stop once we had parked our bikes was the swimming pool I was really excited about this as I love swimming and had heard all about the rapids which sounded amazing. We quickly changed and walked into the pool area ,it wasnt as big as I thought it would be and there were lots of people all having fun.

We went into the Lazy river first ,I stepped into the water and it was surprisingly warm, The Lazy River pull’s you in and drags you along so you don’t have to kick or swim. Huge jets of bubbles push you around corners and onto the next jet. It’s very hard to get out of the lazy river as it pulls  you around again and again.

From the Lazy River we went to the rapids . The rapids were my favourite by far I wasnt expecting the rapids to take us outside it was a shock as our faces hit the cold air whilst our bodies were in the warm water. Once you had gone over the first bump the rapids dragged you around and there was no way of stopping even if that meant crashing into people! There were twists and turns and the rapids got quicker and quicker until finally we were flying at speed and plunged into a pool at the end where I kept sinking underwater and had to be pulled up by my friends. At night the rapids were even better steam rose off the water as it met the cold air, coloured lights gave a spooky feel to the rapids like a bubbling witches cauldron.

The Cyclone was next. the Cyclone is Center parks newest ride and I was very nervous about going on it . Its 18m high it goes at 30mph and there is a 45 degree drop its no wonder I was worried. By the time we had got to the top of the queue I was feeling absolutely terrified but Mum and Shelly made me go on ! I climbed into the raft and squeezed tightly to the handles we shot down through the tube and spun round and round suddenly there was a huge drop and we were then sucked into the cyclone being tossed high into the air I thought we would fly out of the raft and I gripped tighter and tighter finally we reached the end and I could breathe again. My first reaction was to say never again but mum told me to give it another go before deciding if I liked it again – the more times I went on it the more I loved it , it was awesome and terrifying at the same time !

There were other slides plunge pools and hot tubs to explore and we spent hours in the pool. At night if felt magical all lit up and it was less crowed I felt sad when we had to get out for the last time.

We had a meal at Hucks and the food was delicious I was so hungry from all the swimming and cycling and I devoured my pulled pork burger.

We left Center Parcs around midnight tired but very happy .

I would like to thank Shelly for inviting us and sharing such an amazing day !

Should you visit?

Center Parcs is well known for being very expensive but it is an amazing place to go the bike riding was fun but the best part was the swimming pool with the rapids and cyclone. Swimming is the only thing included in the price and you can still have an amazing weekend just swimming and not spending money on extra activities.

Where’s Abbie Rating

10/10 !!!!


3 thoughts on “Center Parcs

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Abbie, we went there for a day as guests last year, we had so much fun that on Friday I booked for us to go for a week in august to celebrate my mollies 16th birthday, I have already booked loads of activites like high ropes, paintballing and aqua jets….we are all so excited and can’t wait to go. Xxxxx


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