Today we went to Retroskate in Great Yarmouth with Sarah Issy and Jasper. It was another lovely sunny day in Great Yarmouth but plenty of people had like us chosen to spend the day inside skating!.

We put our skates on quickly and managed to be the first ones on the rink. It felt strange at first as I hadn’t been skating for some time . As more and more people joined the rink the steward kept telling us off for skating too fast!

After a short time they started the games , first we played limbo which is very difficult to do on roller skates! Later in the session we played Jailbreak where if you are a catcher you wear an orange vest and get to skate really really fast and tag people to put them in jail in the middle of the rink. This was really fun and one of my favourite games . We also played Stuck in the mud and various other catching games. We played Ghostbusters they play the song Ghostbusters and every time you hear the word Ghostbusters you skate in the opposite direction. Skating clockwise is really werid as we normally go anti clockwise.

Because it was fairly busy we had to wait a while for lunch, but it was worth the wait! I had a tasty tuna and mayo wrap with crunchy lettuce and chips. We were so hot from all the skating that we drank loads of ice-cold slushies !


Refueled from our tasty lunch we had another  3 hours of skating! We had been skating for so long that we kept hearing the same songs over and over! We made up our own game where we flew around the rink. When it was time to go, I took my skates off and my legs felt like a wobbly jelly!

Should you visit ?

I think that Retroskate is a good place to go if you can already skate but as it gets very busy , if you are not a very confident skater it will seem a bit daunting. While the entry fee is very reasonable they have increased the drinks prices given how hot you get skating you can end up spending a fortune ( they confiscate any drinks not bought on the premises)

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2 thoughts on “Retroskate

  1. I used to go skating at the winter gardens in the winter and the outdoors one in the summer too ! Have definitely hung up my skates now far too painful falling over !


  2. I used to lve skating, but it used to e at the wellington pier, they had an inside and outside rink., but that was quite a few years ago….I’m sure your mum will remember it though…..I have now hung my skates up as I’m too old now lol xx


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