Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre VS London Aquarium

Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre

                                                                                              Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre

Today we decided to go to use our Merlin Passes and visit  Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre to see if it is as good as the London Aquarium.

The first thing we noticed was that despite it being half term and a lovely sunny day there were no queues or crowds of people (which pleased mum) .

As we walked in it seemed a lot smaller and there was no shark bridge ( I was quite happy about that ! )


The first tank we saw was filled with Bass, they were a metal colour and had big fluffy lips. Their eyes were big, black and they had lots of room to swim around. There was a large tank filled with Stingrays which were being fed squid as we watched. I noticed that the tank was very shallow and I asked the lady feeding them what had happened to all the water , she told us that each week one tank gets emptied for cleaning and it was the Stingrays turn to get clean today. The Stingrays seemed happy and would ‘wave’ as they skimmed the surface of the tank.


Great Yarmouth has more jellyfish than we saw in London it was really cool because they had lighting that changed colour and made the jellyfish look amazing. There was lots of information about all the different types of Jellyfish and how they have a nasty sting!

Happier Penguins ?

The Penguin enclosure is much bigger in Great Yarmouth and its outside so the penguins have access to fresh air. There was a large colony of penguins and they each had a ring so you knew the name of each one . My favourites were Pinky, Rosie, and Ringo. Maisy liked Boomer (Ringo’s brother ). Despite having a much bigger enclosure the penguins didn’t look much happier than the ones in London , maybe penguins don’t suit being in captivity or maybe they just don’t have ‘happy’ faces!

Because there were no big queues we were able to spend time in the rock pools. We got to touch starfish, hermit crabs, crabs and cleaner fish. The cleaner fish felt like wet tickly spiders as they nibbled my fingers ! We were given a medal for touching the crabs and starfish.

We walked through the largest tank and the ‘tunnel’ under the sea . Although there were lots of fish there wasnt any big sharks so it wasnt as scary!

There were lots of displays which you could walk through or put your head in we had lots of fun in theses pretending to be under the water! It was so much better without the queues!

Should you visit ?

Great Yarmouth Sealife Centre is quite expensive to visit so look out for vouchers and coupons. It is obviously much smaller but less crowded than the London Aquarium and this means you get a much more hands on experience.

Where’s Abbie rating?




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