Today we went to the Marina Centre Fun Session, with our friends Sarah Isobel and Jasper. When we arrived there was a small queue and we had to wait until they opened at 10am.

We quickly got changed and rushed in to the pool, it was surprisingly warm when we first got in. Jasper and I dived straight under the water splashing Isobel and Maisy, it felt like we were in a bath.

Today they had the twin track inflatable in the pool.


The twin track is a huge inflatable race course where you can race your friend over and under the obstacles. Firstly there are some cylinders to climb over which bounce about as you scramble over them. Next there is a small slippery bump I like to go over it on my tummy which makes you then bash into the big pendulum . The hardest part is the climbing wall lots of people slip off here as it is so wet and slippery my tactic was to climb over the top of it. Finally my favourite part was the slide at the end which plunges you in to the water below.

The main pool was filled with inflatable shapes floating in the water. We pulled ourselves on top of an orange cylinder and dived into the water below. We sat on top of some of the inflatables and floated around the pool like we were in boats.

We had lots of fun even Mum and Sarah raced us on the track (although they fell in more than we did!). It was just a shame that the wave machine and slide were not working.

Should you visit?

I think the Marina Centre Fun session is a brilliant place to go if you love swimming and want a challenge, climbing diving and jumping over obstacles.

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