‘I can see clearly now!’


Today I went to the opticians because I could not see the board clearly at school and I keep getting headaches.

We rushed from school and just got to Boots (the opticians) in time.

Firstly,I had to rest my chin on a plastic shelf and had to look at a picture of a balloon while the lady looked into the back of my eye.

IMG_6312Then I moved to another machine and they took photos of the back of my eyes. The flash made my eyes go funny and I saw purple dots! The photo looked weird it showed all the blood vessels in my eye.


When the optician was ready I went into a little room and she told me the photos of my eye showed my eyes were healthy. I had to wear some big glasses and the optician kept changing the lenses while I read lots of letters on a screen. I had no idea if I was getting them right or not as sometimes the letters were really blurred and sometimes things were really clear. I had to look at dots and colours and decide which looked best, it seemed like it took ages!

IMG_6314 IMG_6315

Finally the eye test was over and the optician made some more adjustments to the lenses she then said that the back of my eye is shaped like a rugby ball and they call it  ‘astigmatism’. She said I would need glasses to help correct it and take the strain off my eyes, but I would only need to wear them to look at the board and things far away.


There were lots of different glasses to choose from but I didn’t like most of them! In the end I finally narrowed it down to a choice of 2. Mum was no help and liked both of them .In the end I was pleased with the ones I chose I had lots of measurements taken of my face.I get to collect them next week!



Should you visit?

Boots the Opticians is not a place to go for  fun but if you must have your eyes tested the staff are very nice and friendly.

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8 thoughts on “‘I can see clearly now!’

  1. Loving the glasses Abbie, they look very cool, love the blogs too, keep up the good work, I see a career in news reporting for you x


  2. Hi Abbie ; love the glasses. You look really good in them . Did you go to Boots in the Castle Mall? Thats where I go and I agree with you that the staff are really chatty and friendly. I think they are good at helping you choose the right glasses too. When ever I take my Mum she justs says “Well they are ALL nice ….. its up to you really!!!”

    Hope Daddy still looks as handsome , both close up and in the distance once you have them on !

    You have explained everything really clearly, and I think that if I had never been to the opticians, then your blog would reassure me that there is nothing to worry about .


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