Edward Scissorhands- Snowtastic Ballet!


On Friday as a birthday treat. Mum took me to the Theatre Royal Norwich  to see the modern ballet, Edward Scissorhands.

Id never seen a Ballet performance before so I was really looking forward to it.

IMG_6276 We had really good seats as we were near the front (although it did mean even though I was sitting on a cushion I couldnt see very well when the dances were laying on the floor!)

I have seen the film Edward Scissorhands but the ballet is very different and not what I was expecting. Form the start the costumes were amazing bright and colourful I thought they would be wearing tutus but they wore ‘normal clothes’ the story is set in the 1950’s so there were lots of big 50’s dresses.



Edward Scissorhands is full of lots of characters my favourite (apart from Edward) was the ‘tarty’ lady who tries to seduce all the men she was very funny! There was also a family of religious gothic characters who were very funny and tried to make everyone scared of Edward!



Being a modern ballet the dancers were not wearing traditional ballet shoes or doing the sort of dance moves I was expecting! The story is told through the dances and it was easy to follow what was happening. There were magical parts the hedge dances were fantastic moving around Edward on the stage. The person playing the part of Edward moved robotically across the stage.

The ending

The ending of the story is a big dance battle amongst all the characters which ends in tragedy. As we move towards the final scene and see Edward at the back of the stage it starts to snow not just on stage but over the audience too ! This was amazing and I felt goosebumps as the snow fell over us in a foamy bubble we rose to our feet to give a standing ovation!


Should you visit?

Edward Scissorhands has finished its run at the Theatre Royal Norwich but is touring the UK . If you get the chance you should defiantly go even if you aren’t a ballet fan the modern version is so good you will fall in love with it.

Where’s Abbie Rating





5 thoughts on “Edward Scissorhands- Snowtastic Ballet!

  1. Excellent review, Abbie. You’ve almost convinced me to watch ballet. But not quite, unless there’s a Star Wars ballet out there somewhere. Happy Birthday, BTW.


  2. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday Abbie – how lucky we are to be so close to Norwich and all it has to offer! X


  3. Loved your blog about Edward Scissorhands. Really made me wish that I had gone to see it. What agreat birthday you had.


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