Birthday Pizza !

On Friday I went to Pizza Express in the Forum for a birthday tea.IMG_6266


For my starter I had fluffy baked dough balls; smooth and creamy garlic butter and a bowl of cucumber. Delicious dough balls crumbled down my throat and the butter melted into the dough. I Decided to dip my cucumber in the garlic butter and it was surprisingly very tasty.



For my main meal I had a Pollo pizza (which is chicken) and added mushrooms. A thick layer of tomato puree , sits on the warm crusty pizza base. Oozing mozzarella bubbles on top. The chicken and mushrooms snuggled up in the bed of cheese.



I did not really have a dessert because I don’t really have a sweet tooth , but  I did have a bambioccino. A bambioccino is frothed milk with a sprinkling of chocolate powder. The warm milk was like , drinking a summers day. The frothyness  was like candy floss dissolving in my mouth. I could not really taste the chocolate powder.


Should you visit ?

Should you go ? I think you should if you if you like pizza ,although sometimes the forum can be very cold and can also get busy if you don’t book.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Pizza !

  1. Hope you had a very happy birthday x
    I think maybe pizza express should pay you to advertise their food, your description was brilliant, could almost taste the food….. Yum…


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