London Aquarium – Huge Queue !

Knock Knock !
Knock Knock !

We went to London at the start of January. We decided to visit the London Aquarium as we had never been before. When we walked over the bridge and crossed the river we could see the huge queue winding its way along the embankment – Mum was not impressed!

Luckily we had Merlin Passes and discovered that we could join a separate queue which was empty!

We walked over the glass walkway which had sharks circling underneath I didn’t like this bit and ran across with my eyes shut!

The aquarium was full of people but with a bit of pushing we got to the front of each tank.

At the next tank we saw some see-through fish, you could see the bones in side them and their brains!

The best tank (and the busiest) was the shark tank. It had a glass tunnel that went through the tank , a shark came up right behind my back and scared the life out of me! There were colossal turtles swimming peacefully and gliding on their backs.

Shark Attack !
Shark Attack !

Sad and lonely penguins

As we reached my favourite animal ,the penguins, it was sad to see the tiny and manky enclosure. Which made the penguins look trapped and upset like a scene from Happy Feet.Why with all the money they must make can’t they make a bigger enclosure or at least clean it!

Upset Penguins
Upset Penguins

Nemo’s Cave

I love the film Finding Nemo so it was great to see: Nemo , Marlin, Dory and the others.  Did you know in a shoal of clown fish all of them are boys except the biggest one which is a girl but if she dies the next biggest turns into the a girl !

Marlin and Dory
Marlin and Dory

Should you visit ?

So if you are in London should you go? If you don’t mind queuing then it is worth a visit but have your elbows ready to push through the crowds!

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London Aquarium


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