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Hello everyone thank you so much for supporting my blog for the past 2 years (15,000 hits is crazy!)

However I have decided to end my Where’s Abbie adventures and have started a You Tube channel.

I have loved doing my blog and sharing my adventures with all of you but I feel  it is now time for a change.

My YouTube channel is called  RandomlyAbbie, I also have and Instagram account called randomly_abbie please check them out subscribe and follow.




Thank you for all your support

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Whilst we were in Blackpool we visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We were really excited to visit  because it well known for its thrill rides and I love rollercoasters. and Nickelodeon Land, Maisy loves Nickelodeon!


When we arrived there was a massive queue to get wristbands, it took about half and hour!

The Rides 

Big One (also known as Pepsi Max) has a height is 65m, has drops of 62m, track length is 1675m and speeds of 74mph. This ride is by far the most scariest ride in the park, this ride is defiantly not for  people that are scared of heights ( which it why Mum didn’t go on it ! ) I really like this ride however it was very jolty which I didn’t enjoy.

The Grand National is a ride in which there are two roller coasters race each other. This ride is very fun and exciting, be warned you get bashed about a lot but its worth it!

Avalanche is one of the best rides I have ever been on ! It is based on a toboggan, just when you think your going to fall the track you somehow stay on the ride.I It’s fast’ furious and fun, Mum said this was her favourite ride she’d been on, ever!

Infusion is very much like Nemesis at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. The theme of Infusion is water, there is a part on the ride where the water flows up and it creates the illusion that the track has vanished. This is quite terrifying !

Revolution is a roller coaster that only had one single loop, sounds quite simple but there’s a twist, once the the ride completes the loop it then goes backwards! The scariest part of the ride is the anticipation before you go backwards, it’s really scary!

Steeplechase is a ride in which you race each other on horses (they’re not real, don’t worry!) The annoying thing is you have no control of the horse meaning its all down to luck of who wins, or is it? Hannah and I worked out the horse on the yellow track was winning every time so we decided we would go on that one, and we won !

There are lots of other rides a Blackpool Pleasure Beach such as Valhalla. This was a ride we were going to go on but the queue was so big we decided not to.

Nickelodeon Land 

This is the perfect place for Maisy as Sponge Bob was everywhere and she is a huge fan. Most of the rides are aimed at young children but we did go on one, Nickelodeon Streak. The queue took a while as there was only one cart going round. We weren’t expecting much as the ride was in Nickelodeon Land, we were very wrong … Its fast, bumpy and had some pretty steep drops! When the ride finished we were speechless, we all really enjoyed it!


Should you visit?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach really has something for everyone.Thrill ride’s have lower height restrictions than the usual 1.40m.  Blackpool doesn’t have the best reputation but we found that the Pleasure Beach was spotlessly clean and all of the staff were very friendly and chatty. Although it was a very busy day the queues are no where near as long as other theme parks.

Where’s Abbie Rating 








Madame Tussauds Blackpool


Whilst in Blackpool we decided to use our Merlin Passes and visit Madame Tussauds. Having been to Madame Tussauds in London and New York, we were not expecting much thinking that all the best waxworks would be in London and New York – How wrong we were!

The layout is very similar to both New York and London. There are themed rooms to explore and as you’d expect from Madame Tussauds you can get up close and touch the waxworks. What immediately struck us was that we knew who all the wax works were they were TV stars from many of our favourite shows.

There were many more interactive displays in Blackpool; you could add your name to the podium of Take me Out talk with Jeremy Kyle and have Keith Lemon say his catchphrases .

Blackpool doesn’t have the crowds  of London and New York so you could really take time and not rush taking photos etc.

In the sports room you could take part in a penalty shoot out (which I wasn’t very good at ) There was a whole room devoted to I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here!’ There was loads to do here ; You could walk along the bridge, put your hand into mystery boxes have a photo with Ant & Deck and take part in Bush tucker trials.

As we went through the other rooms we found lots to explore and didn’t come across any characters we didn’t recognise.We then found our favourite waxwork…

As we walked through the festival rooms we came across Justin Bieber ! Although the hairstyle was out of date it really was life like. We look took lots of photos!


Should you visit?

We were wrong to think that Madame Tussauds Blackpool would be any less than New York or London. In-fact it was even better because we knew who all the waxworks were and the it was less crowded. This will appeal to all ages.

Where’s Abbie rating

9/10 (10/10 for Justin Bieber!)




Blackpool Tower


During the summer holidays we visited Blackpool. Unfortunately the day we arrived it was pouring with rain so it did not show Blackpool in the best light. Determined to make the most of things we set about exploring Blackpool.

Without a doubt Blackpool’s most famous landmark is a must visit and despite the weather we decided to venture up the tower!

When we arrived we collected our tickets (we were fortunate that many of the Blackpool attractions are part of the Merlin Group so we were able to use our Merlin Passes)

It was explained to us that due to the high winds and heavy rain the outside part of the tower was closed. After a short wait we went through to a 4D film showing a family holidaying in Blackpool.The special effects really  made you feel like you were flying around the tower. My favourite part was when we were sprayed with foam ,it was like it was snowing!

Finally we were ready to go up the tower.  To get up to the viewing deck, we went in a glass lift  which felt like we were in the lift from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! At the top of the tower we couldn’t really see much as unfortunately for us the weather was miserable.  However there was a glass panel walkway like at Tower Bridge in London, it’s very fun to sit on the glass and the way the Blackpool tower is curved is felt like we were falling. we did mange to see the Big One (a roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach) it seemed pretty high !

Should you visit?

Blackpool Tower is a must if your’e in Blackpool, however if the weather is bad be warned you can’t see much in the rain but the 4D film that is really good.

Where’s Abbie Rating







London Zoo



While in London we visited ZSL London Zoo.  Knowing that London Zoo was a huge zoo we were very excited about seeing all the different animals. The zoo is in Regents Park which meant we had a beautiful walk to get to the entrance.It was also one of the hottest days of the year which would make spotting animals hiding in the shade very difficult.

When we arrived there was a massive queue to buy tickets but luckily we had booked our tickets online so we didn’t have to queue. First we went to the penguins which are my absolute favourite animal. Went we got there we saw a zookeeper feeding the penguins and giving a talk about them ,this meant it was very busy. We did mange to see the penguins swimming about, playing  and fighting over the fish.


Next were the tigers, they had a massive enclosure. We walked the whole way round the enclosure, up the ramps and onto the viewing platform but we still couldn’t see them. It wasn’t until another zookeeper came to do a talk and they were fed that we finally saw them, they were tucked away in the corner. The female tiger was hidden away it was really hard to see her but we did she a little baby tiger she was protecting.

We then went to the gorillas and the reptile house, I was very brave going into the reptile house as I have a massive fear of snakes!

The gorillas also have a massive enclosure with a massive outdoors part. There were also lots of other monkey enclosures but we could see no monkeys ; we found them all hiding inside and the gorillas too. Gorillas are really funny to watch ,one was sleeping in a hammock, one was eating banana and the others were all playing around.

The lions were a disappointment as the zoo advertise male lions but we didn’t see any and could just see females lying in the shade. It is very hard to spot the animals as they have fantastic enclosures that are great for then but it make its very difficult for the public to see any animals.

We saw giraffes, zebras, sloths and more but there were lots of animals that we didn’t see as the enclosures were so vast and full of enrichment that it was difficult to spot them.

Should you visit?

London Zoo has some amazing animals but the fact that we went on a boiling hot day and because of the fantastic enclosures means spotting the animals is very difficult. If I was an animal in a zoo its the zoo I would want to be in, but as a a visitor you struggle to see much. It is also very expensive a family of four costs around £75 but there are offers and discounts available if you book in advance.

Where’s Abbie Rating


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Tower Bridge London

IMG_2784 (2)

During the Summer we visited London , One of the places we visited was Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge is an iconic British landmark and the appearance is very royal, it is  possibly one of my favourite buildings in London. I never knew that you could actually go up into the towers.

There was a short queue but the views across the Thames were spectacular so we didn’t mind. Once we had paid we had to decide whether to  walk up a lot of steps or take the lift, we decided that the lift was probably best!

IMG_2790 (4)

Once out of the lift we entered the first tower, there was a short film to watch which showed how Tower Bridge was built, it was really interesting to see how they built it and what London was like back then.

We then went on to the first horizontal walk way .From the small windows we had excellent views across London. We were lucky that we had chosen a clear day and we could see for miles.Half way along the first walkway is a glass floor.The glass floor measures 11 metres long and 1.8 metres wide and is 42 metres high it is said to be able to hold the weight of 2 elephants and a London taxi!

As we first we stood on the glass ,it felt like we were walking through the air. Then we laid on the glass and it was like we were flying over London! I found it quite relaxing sitting on the glass but my Mum is scared of heights so sitting on the glass made her feel a bit dizzy!

Then we reached the second tower and here was another another video showing an animated version of Tower Bridge being built in stages. We went on to the next walkway and this walkway featured an exhibition of the great bridges in the world there were many different iconic bridges.We then reached the second glass walkway,  this one had a mirrored ceiling which as you looked up made you feel very strange – it also was good for taking selfies!

We then took the steps to get down, as we went down the steps there were different London landmark models and they looked really pretty. Once we were down we had a short walk across the bridge and we then went into the engine room, the machines looked really cool but it was hard to tell what they were for but they looked important!

Should you visit?

Tower Bridge is a great experience and the glass walkways are fantastic. A family of four cost was around £20 so it is definitely worth a visit.

Where’s Abbie Rating



IMG_2845 (4)

Indoor Skydiving!!!!


Using vouchers we got for Christmas we were able to go indoor skydiving at Airkix in Milton Keynes.

Before we could start we had to watch a safety video and learn lots of hand signals, our instructor would use them to make sure we were in a good flight position and could understand what we needed to do. We had to make sure we paid attention to everything our instructor was telling us as we wouldn’t be able to hear him in the wind tunnel.

We then put on our equipment we each got suits , googles ,  earplugs, and helmets. Maisy and I choose helmets with teddies just so we could really top off our look!  Finally we were ready to fly!

Before my first go I was quite nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect. The instructor called me forward , I took a deep breath and jumped…  In less than a second I was swept off my feet with the air blasting me in the face, the instructor was signaling for me to straighten my legs but it was very hard to concentrate when screaming and laughing at the same time! It sounds silly but I wasn’t expecting the wind to be so strong.When I finally got the hang of it my go was over and I left the wind tunnel with a massive adrenaline rush.


On our next go our instructor asked us if we wanted to do that high fly,  this is where the instructor takes you up to the top of the wind tunnel and spins you around until you glide down. However the high fly cost an extra £6 each which was a bit annoying but we asked our parents and they said we could do it. It was amazing spinning around the  wind tunnel and gradually floating up. I wasn’t able to look down as it would ruin my flight position but afterwards I looked up and it seemed pretty high!


After everyone had had two turns the instructor said we had some time left over for anyone who wanted an extra turn but this would cost another £12 each, Masiy and I really wanted to do this and our parents said we could as we should make the most of the experience. This extra go turned out to be the best one of the three as we got to learn some tricks such as controlling how to go up and down and how to spin in circles. We also got to do a mini high fly and we did a lot of flying with out the help of the instructor.


At the end of our flight we were given certificates that said what we had achieved and how well, this was so if we came back the instructor would know what level we were so we could learn new tricks.  We left Milton Keynes believing we could fly!

Should you visit ?

Indoor skydiving is a great experience and you should definitely go if you have the chance. The extra turn and high fly are amazing , flying is not cheap but, it is well worth it, so I thank Father Christmas for this opportunity!

Where’s Abbie Rating

11/10 !!!

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New York Round Up


We did so many amazing things in New York that it would be impossible to blog about all of them! So below are some of the highlights.

The Beast

The Beast is a speed boat that takes you along the Hudson river and around the Statue of Liberty. In my opinion the Beast gives you the best views of the Statue and the staff on board will take photos for you. Beware you get really wet as you speed up the river going at 45mph , luckily for us it was such a hot day that we dried off very quickly. On the journey back the driver did lots of spins and tricks it was excellent!


Ellen’s Stardust diner

Ellen’s Stardust diner is a classic 1950’s american restaurant in Times Square. What makes Ellen’s so different is that it’s so much more than a restaurant, the waiters and staff are all budding Broadway stars many have been productions and some are waiting for their big break. The atmosphere is really great and the staff sing show tunes as you eat. It makes you want to dance and sing with them and you almost forget to eat which is a shame as the food is lovely!



The Ride

The Ride is a bus tour that goes around Time Square and the surrounding area. The Ride is unlike any other bus tour. First you sit facing outwards looking at the pavement and your tour guides get the whole bus involved in singing dancing etc. The guides also get people on the pavement involved although most don’t realise whats going on!  Our guide was really funny we were there during Fleet week (when the navy is in town) and every time we passed some sailors in their uniform she went crazy! The other amazing thing about the ride is that the guide will point out someone on the street ; first it was a Ups delivery man and then suddenly they burst in to song and a hip hop dance routine or a ballet or a comedy routine and you realise they are part of the performance!



Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds in New York was not so different from London although some of the people we didn’t know who they were as they were American stars and it wasn’t as busy as London. There were some models that we hadn’t seen before so we manged to get some good photos, but some of them really didn’t look like who they were meant to be!





There were many other amazing places that we went whilst in New York such as Grand Central Station, The Water Taxi, Open Top Bus tour, The 9/11 museum any many many more. We wouldn’t have been able to do many of the things with out our New York Passes these we bought before we went and it gave us free entry to all the places we visited.




Central Park


When in New York visiting Central Park is a must, at first our plan was to hire bikes and cycle around but on the way we were stopped by men selling rickshaw tours. They said that because Central Park is very hilly and so big we would only last  about 10 minutes before giving up! We were able to haggle a good price so decided to give it a go and set off on our rickshaw tour.

The rickshaw tour was great, we got to see many famous buildings and spots such as the bridge from Enchanted,  the friends fountain, Mr Popper’s Penguins cafe and Smurf rock.Many of these things we wouldn’t have noticed or got to without a guide,He also stopped at the best places to take pictures.


Our guide pointed out to us where all the celebrities live and how much their apartments cost it was unbelievable how much they were. Whist in central park its easy to forget that you are in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world!

Parts of the park are open to traffic and our guide loved making us scream by weaving in and out of the cars! Our guide told us many interesting things and was very funny! One of the best things about having a guide was that he showed us things we would never have found or realised they were there. We saw fascinating architecture and statues we even saw a couple having wedding photos taken.


Should you visit?

You can visit central park either on foot, bike ride horse & carriage etc. By hiring a rickshaw we got to see so much more than we ever would on our own we were lucky to have such a funny and friendly guide who really made our trip.


Where’s Abbie rating